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Welcome to Mechanical Engineering Department

Name : Mr.M. Ravi Shankara Vara Prasad
Designation : Associate Professor & HOD
Qualification: B.Tech, M.Tech
Department: MECH
Experience: 12
Specialization: MECH
Cell No: 9440958056
Mechanical Engineering Department

Mechanical engineering is one of the foundational branches of engineering. It involves application of the physical principles to analyze, design and manufacture systems ranging from small devices such as coronary stents (or other such biomedical implants) to large and complex machines/systems such as rockets and spacecraft. A mechanical engineer, hence, is required to understand the forces and energy that a system and or its components has to transmit or withstand, design them for their functionality and determine the materials to be used and the best way to manufacture. Since everything that has to be “made” involves the above process, Mechanical engineering is perhaps the broadest field that touches human lives.

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